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The representation of domestic and international insurers in commercial crime disputes has been the bedrock of Wilford’s legal practice since the firm’s founding. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the representation of insurance clients in a wide variety of matters involving fidelity and commercial crime bonds and policies. We have investigated, evaluated, negotiated, and litigated fidelity and commercial crime claims in some of the largest fidelity and commercial crime cases in the United States including those related to Bernard Madoff and Taylor, Bean & Whitaker. 

Our attorneys are well versed in matters involving all coverages available under:

  • Commercial Crime Policies;
  • Financial Institution Bonds;
  • Employee Dishonesty and Employee Theft;
  • Wire Fraud;
  • Forgery and Alteration;
  • Computer Fraud;
  • Social Engineering and Imposter Fraud; and
  • Public Official Bonds.

The insurance products that provide fidelity and crime coverage are unique and technical legal contracts that require experienced counsel to properly interpret those products in response to claims involving very complex financial schemes/deceptions. The financial schemes that result in claims continue to evolve into unchartered territory, and our experience allows us to identify the emerging trends of these claims and properly advise and protect our clients. Our broad experience in handling these claims allows us to quickly and efficiently analyze the underlying facts of a claim, assess a client’s potential exposure, and provide accurate and timely advice.